SEXUAL ASSAULT: The Rights of the Victim to gey justice and feel safe versus the rights of the Accused to Due Process Of Law.

HOLY SHIT, I defend the rights of a College Kid who was expelled from University for Sexual Assault, or rather the accusation thereof. And I get raked over the blistering hot coals for that. He applied to other Colleges. But he’s been blacklisted. Their Attorney said that they had a good case. But it was going to be like climbing Mt. Everest with no Oxygen. This is what one woman posted:

I can tell you exactly why so few sexual assaults are reported to the police or prosecuted. Unfortunately, proving rape or sexual assault is rather difficult in our court system because people routinely engage in consensual sex, so the actions alone are not necessarily criminal. So, unless there are witnesses or a confession, guilt is not easy to prove. The process, however, is grueling for the victim. She (or he) will have every aspect of her life scrutinized and put on display in court. Her clothing, actions, and state of intoxication will be used to blame her for what was done to her. She will be forced to relive the details of the horror of the assault over and over. Not to mention the amount of time she will be away from school or work to participate in a trial. And still, the rate of conviction is ridiculously low. I can fully understand a reluctance to endure all that when it’s very likely that her assailant will go unpunished.

You are worried about the innocent (male) kid who’s reputation is destroyed by a false accusation but you seem to have no empathy for the fact that pretty much every woman you meet has been at least groped, intimidated, coerced, or defamed by men, if not forcibly raped. If you want to protect young men from such damage you need to change the way men think about and act toward women.

”You are worried about the innocent (male) whose reputation is destroyed by false accusation but seem to have no empathy for the fact….” then goes on about groping, coerced, intimidated, if not forcibly raped.” actually I DO. But the BOTTOM LINE she fails to understand is that in our justice system YOU CAN NOT PUNISH ANYONE WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. YES, Women are made out to be liars accused of wearing clothes she shouldn’t have. BUT THAT’S THE DEFENSE ATTORNEY’S JOB. So the way she sounds the defense should just shut the fuck up and ask softball questions. I mean no offense to any Woman who has had to endure this unpleasant male behavior. Most men ARE TAUGHT TO RESPECT WOMEN. But just like we are taught that stealing is wrong we still do it. In order to protect her, I can understand kicking the guy out of school. But there has got to be a limit. A limit meaning that the information of the accusation cannot be made public nor used against the accused if no legal proceedings have taken place THAT’S ALL I’M saying. Her Rights DO NOT TRUMP HIS TO DUE PROCESS. Give the guy a chance to defend himself. I DEFEND BOTH THE VICTIM’S RIGHTS AS WELL AS DEFENDANTS. So how do we get around how women are treated in court proceedings that won’t render the defense lawyer ineffective. How do we protect innocent men from false accusations if the victim doesn’t file a report with the Police? Some women and even men say TOUGH SHIT to the poor innocent slob that was falsely accused. Since false accusations are rare. WELL TRY TELLING THAT TO THAT POOR INNOCENT SLOB see if you don’t end up with a few loose teeth.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT/ASSAULT/RAPE can be prevented by a wide variety of solutions. A) TEACH BOYS that Groping, Touching, making comments of a sexual nature, harassing, coercing, anything that makes a woman feel uncomfortable IS NOT GOING TO BE TOLERATED. WOMEN/GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS. THEY ARE NOT TOYS FOR MEN’S SEXUAL PLEASURE. THEY ARE AUTONOMOUS WITH THOUGHTS, DREAMS, FEELINGS, AND THE DESIRE TO BE EQUAL. secondly, show young women that they have resources and that their complaints will be taken seriously. Investigated by Police. Then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But also explain to them that in order to protect the rights of those that may be falsely accused. They will have to file a complaint. Furthermore, prepare them for what the defense lawyer will do during cross-examination. There is no other choice on this point. The Defense lawyer WILL TRY to discredit her in any way he can. And it’s here that many lose sight of. He isn’t doing it to be a misogynistic asshole. He’s doing it because that’s his job. Then there are the consequences if the victim, for whatever reason, desires not to file a Police Report. Otherwise, a), they are free to rape again, or b) The are innocent, which is rare, causing irreparable harm. In our JUDICIAL SYSTEM, right or wrong, ”IT’S BETTER TO ALLOW THE GUILTY TO GO FREE. THAN ALLOW ONE INNOCENT TO BE IMPRISONED FOR A CRIME THEY DID NOT COMMIT.